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Renewal Claim Solutions presents a wonderful business opportunity for the right partners.

The insurance restoration industry is recession resistant.

Diversifying into the restoration industry protects you from lost revenue that results when retail dry cleaning clients experience spending pressure in a negative growth economy.

Regardless of the health of the economy, house fires and water damages still occur, and customers will always turn to trusted companies to help them back on their feet.

There is a high barrier to entry handling fabric contents restoration.

To handle a customer’s contents properly, the fabric restoration vendor must have a technologically advanced dry cleaning and wet cleaning facility, which prices out most people considering entry into new business opportunities.

Additionally, a broad and in-depth knowledge of how to approach claims is crucial for repeat business in this industry.

The opportunities for growth are incredible and the prospect base is well diversified.

This industry’s client base is comprised of not only insurance carriers, but also insurance repair contractors, so there are plenty of revenue sources to pursue.

Our proprietary claim management protocols ensures success, which translates to an easy to run organization if best practices are followed.

For those elite, well equipped dry cleaners we select as our partners, we provide a unique education opportunity that builds technical expertise, as well as a thorough education on operational, estimating, and customer service best practices.

We also are able to provide claim assignments for our members, through our corporate relationships with insurance carriers.

Interested in Joining Renewal Claim Solutions?

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Meet Our Members

NARD by Viking Textile Restoration

NARD by Viking Textile Restoration

Parthavi and Pratik Patel


  • Pratik and Parthavi Patel own Viking Textile Restoration and Viking Cleaners, a staple dry cleaning establishment in Arizona for over 55 years.
  • Viking won Best of the Valley in 2019 for Dry Cleaning and Laundry in Phoenix.
  • Viking has auto-assembly, increasing efficiency in the plant using Metalprogetti systems.
  • Pratik and Parthavi are both Arizona State University graduates, with a combined background in Economics, Business, Information Technology, and Information Management.
NARD by A-One Cleaners

NARD by A-One Cleaners

Mark and Janice Folzenlogen


  • Over 50 years in Textile Restoration business
  • Metalprogetti Automation since 2005
  • President Ohio Cleaners Association
  • Founding member of North American Restoration Dry Cleaners (NARD).
  • NARD Board from 2003-2013 – Serving as President 2011-2013
  • President Blue Goose Cincinnati charity organization since 2010.
  • #1 Every Month in 2016 in our region on Contractor Connection
  • Top 5 nearly every single month since joining the program in 2007
NARD by Bobby Page’s Restoration Service

NARD by Bobby Page’s Restoration Service

David Leid & Kevin Leid

Northern NV,
CA Sierra Nevada Mountains

  • Bobby Page’s is the largest dry cleaner in northern Nevada, with 19 locations.
  • Is consistently awarded “Best of” each year, most recently Northern Nevada 2019, among the many awards dating back to the early 70’s.
  • Bobby Page’s received Special honors in 2007 for “Outstanding New Build” from the Plant Design Award Team at American Dry Cleaner Magazine for their Reno, Nevada operations facility. The plant was one of few that pioneered automated equipment and technology.
  • Bobby Page’s served as a POS beta test site from 2002- 2009 and was instrumental in building data reports for retail dry cleaning operations, most of which are used and common today on most platforms.
  • Bobby Page’s engineered, tested, and built their proprietary cleaning system, called Di Aqua Jet. It’s a delicate cleaning system for harsh and badly stained textiles. The cleaning system is trademarked and licensed exclusively only to their facility.
  • Kevin has served on the NARD Board of Directors, Marketing Chair 2013- 2017 among other boards and advisory groups within his community.
NARD by Restoration Cleaners

NARD by Restoration Cleaners

Brian Adams

Central & Southern TX

  • Brian has diversified into multiple very different industries and found a large measure of success
  • He has developed training manuals and sales teams, and understands how to scale
  • He is involved with Private Equity Investments
  • He also developed a product for the oil industry utilizing recycled materials to make more durable decking on oil rigs- Rumber.com
  • He has over 20 years in the Textile Restoration business
  • NARD Board Member 2018-2019
  • Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses in 2018
  • Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Business – 5 years
  • The Houston Chronicle Fast 100
  • Charity affiliation – ALS
  • holding company
NARD by Union Cleaners

NARD by Union Cleaners

Louis Caviris & Nick Vatakis


  • Lou and Nick also own Union Cleaners, a well respected retail dry cleaning business
NARD by Hilltop Cleaners

NARD by Hilltop Cleaners

Al Keaton

AL, LA, MS, FL Panhandle

  • Al is the owner of Hilltop Cleaners in Alabama
NARD by Hilltop Cleaners

NARD by NEF Restoration

Shaggy Patel

 Northern FL 

  • Shaggy has been in the cleaning industry for 13 years and is the owner of The Cleaners in Northern FL. 
NARD By Cutler Clothing Restoration

NARD By Cutler Clothing Restoration

Richard Diaz

South FL

  • Miami’s leader in high end garment care and customer service.
  • Certified green cleaner by the Green Cleaners Council.
NARD by Clean and Press Emergency Restoration

NARD by Clean and Press Emergency Restoration

Curt Olson


  • Curt also owns several Clean and Press retail dry cleaning locations
  • Curt was a long time board member, serving as treasurer for NARD from 2016-2018
NARD by Urban Valet

NARD by Urban Valet

Eric Pyne

Western NY, Northern PA

  • 25 Years in Textile Restoration Industry
  • NARD Board Member 2014-2017
  • Foster Family For Local Children
  • Very involved in local charities including:
    • 11 Day Power Play Cancer benefit (3 years)
    • Annual Prom Dress Drive (11 years)
    • WNY Hero’s Veterans Volunteer (2 Years)
NARD by Fabric Renewal

NARD by Fabric Renewal

Jim and Dave Fenyohazi


  • Jim and Dave are the teachers of NARD, and they are very focused on developing a strong company culture within their own business, Fabric Renewal
  • Fabric Renewal caters to high end clients in NYC, and they are very familiar with working in high rises
  • Jim is the primary designer of Textile Solutions
NARD by Fabric Restorations

NARD by Fabric Restorations

Sajid and Habib Veera

Central & Southern CA

  • Recipients of The 2015 American Dry Cleaner Magazine Plant Of The Year Award
  • Recipients of The 2018 California Dry Cleaner Of The Year Award from The California Cleaners Association & DLI
  • Selected as one of The Nations Best Dry Cleaners consistently since 2009
  • Operate a large Retail and delivery operation in Los Angeles with 12 Brick & mortar locations in all of the premiere Zip Codes of Los Angeles.
  • Specializing in Couture, Vintage and bespoke garments and furnishings
  • We are Los Angeles’ only Certified Wedding Gown Cleaner & Preservationist
  • Habib Veera has a background in Finance whilst Sajid has a background in Architecture & Systems Management.
  • Areas we cover are all of Southern California.
NARD by Gunn’s Restoration

NARD by Gunn’s Restoration

Katy Link

Central and Northern TX, OK

Katy Link started in the environmental management industry and through a series of events, ended up an owner of a retail dry cleaning business that she quickly grew into a massive restoration dry cleaning operation in the Dallas Fort Worth market

  • Her company restored original Superman costume
  • She also has a high end hotel service business
  • She is very involved with promoting Breast Cancer Awareness
NARD by Textile Restorations

NARD by Textile Restorations

Bryan and Courtney Folk


  • Bryan and Courtney, owners of Textile Restorations have brought to the industry patents on ozone processing, are known for their high volume restoration capacity
  • Courtney and Textile Restorations was featured on the cover of Technology Headlines, May 2019, As top Apparel Technology company to watch in 2019
  • Featured in American Drycleaner Magazine twice for Plant of the year awards
  • Contractor Connection drycleaner of the year 2014, for all of North America
  • Courtney has been twice published in CLM magazine, and was a speaker at the 2018 PIRNC as well as at the Nexxus 2019 conference
  • Textile Restorations was the 1st to use automated inventory control systems in drycleaning restoration in all of the US
  • They have brought many now common customer service protocols to the industry
NARD by Five Star Textile Restoration

NARD by Five Star Textile Restoration

Nimesh and Ankit Vakahria

Northern CA

  • Nimesh and Ankit are brothers who own a large, high quality, fast growing retail and restoration business
  • In his prior career in the tech space, Nimesh was instrumental in the development of Monster.com
  • Ankit worked for NASA
NARD by Harford Cleaners

NARD by Harford Cleaners

Manuel Vendelis

Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Southern Pennsylvania

  • Manuel has been President of NARD since 2010 and recently retired as President in October 2019
  • Manuel served on the board for 2 years as membership chair prior to his presidency
  • Manuel is very involved in his Greek Orthodox church and in the Baltimore community, helping many charitable organizations
  • Manuel has been on the board of The Ed Block Courage Awards Foundation for the last 4 years
  • Manuel is the owner of Harford Cleaners, a well recognized brand in Maryland. Harford Cleaners has been in the family since 1924
  • He has been provided adjuster training for groups of 80+ adjusters and is very trusted in the restoration industry for excellent customer service and high production quality
  • In addition to owning Harford Cleaners, Manuel is a co-owner and developer of Textile Solutions Software
  • 2019 Golden Hammer Recipient with Contractor Connection
NARD by Bakker’s Fine Dry Cleaning and Textile Restoration

NARD by Burke Restoration

Jeff Lavelle and frank dubasik


NARD by Bakker’s Fine Dry Cleaning and Textile Restoration

NARD by Bakker’s Fine Dry Cleaning and Textile Restoration

Mark Scott

North Western WA

  • Mark is a very active participant with the education offered through Dry cleaning and Laundry Institute
  • Bakkers Fine Dry Cleaning and Textile Restoration was founded in 1947.
NARD by Classic Cleaners

NARD by Classic Cleaners

John Courrier and Mike Hoelzel

MI, Northern OH

  • Mike Holzel and John Courrier are very knowledgeable in terms of technical restoration operations, and many members lean on them for education on best practices
  • In addition to owning Classic Cleaners, Mike and John are owners and developers of Textile Solutions Software
NARD by Griffins Dry Cleaning

NARD by Griffins Dry Cleaning

Ray Griffin

Central Florida

  • Ray is a newer member within our organization and we look to utilize Ray’s insights in designing training programs and new member development

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