Renewal Claim Solutions Member Network

We offer a whole suite of advanced technology solutions

Operations and Specialty Processing

Industry experts in the preservation of wedding gowns, coutre, vintage, heirloom and specialty items. 

Large Loss Expertise

Known for high volume processing and large loss management capability, with throughput capacity of 20,000 plus units per day (great for large loss/forest fire and hurricane support).

Automation  Software

Our automation technology reduces issues which decreases open file timelines.

  • Prior to installation of automation technology, we experienced lost items on 1 out of 3 claims. Post installation, it’s 1 out of 120 claims.
  • Our Barcoding technology allows for time and geostamping to ensure all goods are delivered back to the insured’s premises. We’re the only franchise in the industry that does pre and post delivery inventory reporting.
  • Renewal has built a proprietary textile/contents operating system with unmatched capability. Textile Solutions allows us to maintain our high performance standards, ensuring all claims serviced within the network are handled with consistency. We’ve integrated customized solutions for
    clients into this system, solving real problems specific to individual carriers. 

Our membership’s Patented Processes

As industry innovators, Renewal companies hold patents for textile restoration technologies. Renewal companies have also developed other, non-patented, proprietary processes specific to the restoration of textiles and other household contents.

These processes provide Renewal companies with a unique advantage that promote the very best restoration outcomes, most consistently.