Core Values


Our Story



Core Values

Our Story


Environmental Commitment

Community Commitment


Core Values for the Community and Environment

  • We provide donation services that allow for usable clothing to be kept out of landfills and given to someone in need (with client authorization).
  • We strive to provide work opportunities for the underserved and build a work culture that acknowledges our employees are the legs we stand on.
  • We have a culture that cares. The positive and respectful work environment focuses on employee best practices and customer satisfaction.
  • For all materials we can’t reuse, we recycle, including corrugate, plastic hangers, and packaging materials.

RENEWAL’s story is that of the extraordinary.

We are a partnership that was built naturally, which lead to key components such as inclusion, diversity, and creativity. Renewal Claim Solutions’ operators across the country include highly talented multi-faceted business moguls, incredible successful women, multi-cultural business owners, and highly educated scientists and engineers. Diverse ideas bring insights, experiences, and the worldviews of the communities we serve. Our diversity facilitates better consumer understanding, and allows us to provide innovative and creative solutions to the clients we serve throughout the claim management process.

This partnership evolved into a franchise in 2018 in order to more effectively bring our collective expertise to our carrier clients on an enterprise level. 

Renewal Claim Solutions brings custom tailored solutions to our carrier clients, through the process of proactively assessing customer’s needs, spoken and unspoken.

Awards & Recognition

Received by Our Members

Award of Excellence Cleaner

2007 -2019

#1 Fabric Restoration Vendor for all of North America

Contractor Connection
2010, 2014

Top District Performer

Contractor Connection
2010 – 2014

Inc 5000

Inc Magazine
2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

Top Resources

Vogue Magazine

Master Dry Cleaners

Leading Cleaners Internationale

Contractor Connection Golden Hammer Recipient

2019 “Golden Hammer Recipient”
Top 5 Nationwide at the 2019 “Top Performer Symposium”

Best Couture Dry Cleaner

Modern Luxury
March 2018

Best of the North Shore

NS Magazine
March 2018

Top Companies of Kansas City - "The Phoenix" Award

KC Business Magazine

Go to Destination

Bride Buzz
Feb 2010

Master Dry Cleaners

DLI “Certified Master Dry Cleaner”

Master Dry Cleaners

International Dry Cleaners Association “Seal of Approval”

Finest Cleaners of America


Plant of the Year

American Drycleaner Magazine
2015, 2007, 2006, 1991

California Dry Cleaner of the Year


#2 Vendor overall including mitigation, construction, fabric and content restoration

Contractor Connection

Featured Cleaner of the Month

National Clothesline
March 2011

Master Dry Cleaners

NCA “Green Cleaners Council”

Media Features

Plant of the Year Award Feature

Feature: Cost Analysis

Innovator Spotlight - Arrow

GreenEarth in the News
August 2014

Coats for Kids Initiative

American Drycleaner
February 2008


PIRNC 2018

Women Business Owner Spotlight

Drycleaner of the Year


Designer Azeea Khan’s “Favorite Things”

Nov 2016

“All Dry Cleaners Not Created Equally”

A Perfect Event
Spring 2013

“Big Black Book of National Resources”

Arrow Esquire Magazine

Featured Business

Southbay Magazine

Feature: The Real Value of Luxury Brands

"100 Years Later, The Dream Lives"

National Clothesline Article
September 2014

“Tailors We Trust”

Michigan Ave Magazine
October 2011

“Dry Out”

Multi Years Men’s Book

Nevada Business Chronicles